. With Love, From The Mother 'Hood: Getting To Know Me Redux, Part I

Monday, November 2, 2009

Getting To Know Me Redux, Part I

Bit of a remix of random things about me from my facebook - it is changed up enough if you are reading for the second time it shouldn't be a snooze and if this is virgin territory for you, it will give you a peek into what life is like at Villa Vallino, and further insight into my sometimes warped mind.

1. Answer to World Peace in a nutshell: Everybody play nice. I am really bothered by inconsiderate people, and parents who don't teach their children to treat others with kindness, or at the very least, respect. Especially bothersome (because it hits so close to home) are kids that make fun of peers that are atypical or have special needs. I tell my kids, "No big deal if you don't like someone, but it isn't ok to be mean." I believe everyone is entitled to their opinions, but not entitled to force feed them if we differ on our views. No mistake, I'm not raising a bunch of doormats - they know it's ok to stand up for themselves, but to also consider that people who are jerks might not have the best life - sometimes it just isn't about you.

2. I already established I am not always PC (making fun of my own kids is fair game if it gives me something to blog about), and I probably swear too much (although I do refrain in front of the kiddos, little parrots that they are. Marc is the one that has a harder time remembering this, and the kids tattle about all of his bad habits "Mommy, why don't you drive fast like Daddy?" Love you Hon - slow down!). It is also completely ok for me (I've earned it), my family and friends to laugh at the crazy-ass stuff Max does because of his autism (A friend and I looked like two lunatics one night while out to dinner as we swapped stories of our sons' behaviors and "stims" -some things you can't explain unless you actually act them out, so the two of us were demonstrating for each other - needless to say we laughed until we cried) but if anybody laughs at him in a cruel way, the reason my family nicknamed me "Roller Derby Queen" will become all too apparent. Don't mess with my kids. Ever.

3. I have a child with autism and two with AD/HD, and two more with at the very least some serious attitude - time will tell with them if it is more. Wild things other than my children come and go, all of them "special" in their own way. Currently, we have Stella, a 10 year old 80lb freak golden retriever I am convinced has OCD, (Stella is the perfect name for a dog that you have to yell at all the time -"STELL-A!" Much more fun than "Sparkles" which I immediately vetoed all those years ago, knowing I would probably be the one chasing her through the woods at the old place. I didn't need yelling a sissy dog name like "Sparkles!" added to my list of "Things That Make Me Look Crazy". Good thing I had that foresight - Not long after, the boys were born, 18 mos apart, and I was dished up a full plate of crazy, complete with a child that pitched fits of epic proportion everywhere we went because of his sensory issues. Yep, I had more than my fair share of stares from people, who I am sure were making assumptions about what a crappy mom I must be to have a kid like that - definitely didn't need to add 1 crazy dog named Sparkles to the list.), a fish that begs for food (he really does) named Swimmy, a.k.a Lucky Bob (lucky he lived to go from feeder fish, to Fun Fair fish, to being our fish), and a hamster, first name Patches (by the kids) surname O'Hoolihan (by me, a la Dodgeball). She is my favorite and I love her (way more than my dog). Go figure - best pet we've ever had is a rodent. Used to have 2 cats (at different times) but I have very little tolerance for animals that bite my kids or pee all over my house. When Marc tried to place the one cat with a rescue organization the woman there said "Well, you wouldn't just get rid of a child if they misbehaved." I told Marc he should have said "Depends on the day, lady - just ask my wife, and my kids don't bite people and pee all over the house when they misbehave!" (well, sometimes they do pee where they shouldn't, but I don't have biters). Oh, yeah and a dog that was a pee-er, growler, and would-be biter - to let you know how long she lasted, my kids often just remember her as "that little dog". (Any animal lovers that wish to chide me, go ahead, I can take it - I'll just tell you now, I'm a kid lover and my kids (and what is left of my sanity) come before the pets, always.)

4. I am a better mom because of autism and all the other crazy shtuff my kids bring to the table.

5. I love that my husband cooks - he missed his true calling as a chef. Men that can create amazing meals are sexy (I should start keeping track of when I compliment him in my entries - in the event we have a spat I can say "But I said "x" about you in my blog", and sexy holds a lot of weight. Note to self: throw random complimentary comments about handsome husband into blog. Check.).

6. When I decide to compete in/at something I am very competitive.

7. I am running again - sort of. I can run a mile in about 9:17 but fantasize about running like I did as a teen. That 5:52 mile I ran long ago doesn't seem so slow now.

8. I need to lose weight, and I have lost 40lbs so far (sadly, all baby weight from #5. Some people are "all baby" when they are prego, but I am "all I-ate-everything-under-the-sun-with-complete-utter-abandon-and-it-shows", but I'll get to the baby weight from the other four - eventually). Goal for the coming year is 25lbs more, so I can attempt #9 without achieving a runner's high due to lack of oxygen to my brain.

9. I want to run a 5k (my first) once I am strong enough.

10. I love that Marc and I make each other laugh so much and that we have grown so much as a couple over the last few months.

11. I wish I played piano - my daughter does and I love hearing her play.

12. I am thinking of going back to school bed.

13. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up but "writer" has risen to the top of the list.

14. I am afraid of certain breeds of big dogs - they seem to like the way my daughter and I taste. To my dog lover neighbor, who allows their "friendly" dog to roam the neighborhood (I've already addressed it in person once), from this kid lovin' Mom: the next time Mr. Crazy decides to charge, growling and snapping at me and my babies in their jogging stroller, he is going to get a face full of pepper spray -the dog, not the neighbor.

15. I love that my new house is big enough for our BIG family; I don't love that it isn't the quaint, old house I dreamed of. I also love that it is finally starting to feel like "us" instead of like we are living in someone else's home - it is coming together bit by bit. Latest addition - a kitchen table large enough to host The Last Supper. My friend said if Jesus decides to show up to make sure he brings the wine.

16. I wish I could go back and do it all over only to tell the younger me to be kinder to myself - to tell myself stuff like "great abs - you'll wish for them some day after five pregnancies turn them into mush!"

17. Mushy abs aside, I love my kids more than I could ever have imagined.

18. I used to say "I'm never having kids!", now I have 5. You were right Dad (isn't that music to your ears Jimbo?), but I didn't quite meet your prediction of a dozen - no reality t.v. sized family for us! We are done. Unless Mother Nature has some sick, twisted joke up her sleeve, I really am done this time - which is what I said after #4, but I wouldn't trade my "Surprise #5" for anything - Sammy, my sweet little "shy guy". I wouldn't mind trading certain body parts in though - mushy abs are just the tip of the iceberg.

19. I can't stand snobs or people who look you up and down. Whatever.

20. I really miss my brother - he is much too far away.

21. I want to write a book and now I am going to try with NaNoWriMo - google it.

22. I want my daughter's red beautiful auburn hair - it is the perfect shade.

23. I have a painting in my head, now if I could just find the time to paint something other than walls. I also have some I want to buy - maybe someday when I become a rich and famous writer, but for now I buy prints we can afford. Marc and I fell in love with a painting we found on our summer vacation until we saw the price tag - 4000 smackers - not really in the budget, 5 kids or not.

24. I wish someone made a great california roll here - I would pay really good money.

25. I want to go to Italy, instead I am going crazy most days .....


  1. I wish we lived closer... I am so glad that we are still friends, almost 20 years later, after having only really known each other for only one semester at school... Even if we never get to see each other, I've never met your husband or your yongest 4 kids, and the only reason you know my husband is because we have been together for so darn long!

  2. Hey Cutie,
    Your written words are beautiful, funny, sad, and I think you've got a great shot at being a writer. Just have to squeeze it between the growly dog named Mr. Crazy Pepper (ha-ha) and the painting!! By the way, try Blue Pacific at the KofP Court for a CA roll -- I think you'll be happy with it and the prices won't knock your socks off. Also, try ArtPosters.com -- you may find something. I've already bought 2 for Xmas presents. Too funny: you know Muncht's "Scream"? Well I bought it for Steve for Xmas!! He was the one to say that's the reaction you get from having kids... To finish up (yakkety yak...), when are we going to get an answer to Thanksgiving, m'dear? It's this one we were talking about (hahahahaaha!!!). That's it for now, Schweetie... me


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