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Monday, November 9, 2009

Maybe It's Not Home Sweet Home....

ADJUST. Marc is way better at this than I am - he is the one that has dragged me kickin' and screamin' from the dark side to his optimistic, glass half full view point, although he sometimes falls off the edge into that great river, Denial - and then I have to pull him out and remind him that everything does not "cost 20 bucks, take 5 minutes, or just magically happen". Our entire life together has been about adjustments - some the natural course of any relationship, and some, things we have learned to laugh in the face of, (for those of you brand new to the 'Hood, Marc and I have had more than our fair share of crazy hard stuff with our kiddos) because if we don't, they would suck us into a black hole, and we've learned it is so much easier to avoid those damn black holes rather than have to claw your way back out.

One of the biggest adjustments we've made was moving to our new neighborhood and a big reason for the move (besides the fact that due to my role as baby factory, we had outgrown the old place) was to give our kids a place to grow up with other children** the old house was in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by woods, and I am now convinced was in another dimension after all the crazy shtuff that went down there, and the whacky neighbors, can't forget them - twilight zone really has nothing on that neighborhood!). Ok, I had my own selfish reasons for wanting to move, and pretty much told Marc - we're movin'. In true form, he went along for the often bumpy ride (multiple houses loved and lost) of finding a new house and selling the old (I could write a whole book about that little journey). We eventually landed here and it all worked out for the best in many ways.

There are things I love about this house, like the fact that it is huge (by my standards at least) but I hate the fact that it looks like every other house on my street and I have to drag charm in the door, since the former owner opted for "builder basic" (I have a house full of brass - do you know how much I hate brass?). The previous owner also had a thing for brown and a color I can't really describe - well, maybe I can - mauve cat vomit - there's a paint color name for you. My family room, before we painted, was a cave like brown with the cat vomit color on the ceiling. She must have loved that cat vomit color, because she painted the ceiling in not one, but two rooms (actually the powder room is cat vomit, floor to ceiling - on our list of projects, believe me) plus an accent wall in my teen daughter's bedroom. Nothing major, just stuff that makes me say "huh?" - and we are slowly doing what we always do, making changes and adjustments as we can. Making it "us". (Funny side note: at closing the woman asked me how I liked the cat vomit cave. Bet you can tell by now I am not a very good faker - I think I said something like "It is a little dark and I'll probably paint". She had just painted it to look "cozy" - exactly what I think of cat vomit filled caves - "cozy".)

My latest addition for the house is the above pictured sign which now hangs prominently above the kitchen window for all to see. I laughed out loud in the store - it is so perfectly, us. When I saw the $3.99 price tag, I knew it was coming home with me. My son asked "What does that mean?" It means a lot of things - it means if life isn't working for you make some changes, rise to the occasion, work with what you've got, appreciate the good stuff and be thankful - it could be much worse (to my kids - stop your bitchin'! Life is good, dammit! Don't make mommy launch into one of her speeches about "When I was a kid"!). Joking aside, I truly am a mom that fights like hell for her kids needs, and Marc has worked so hard to give us the wonderful home we have, so it is also a little tongue-in-cheek wink. For me, it completely embraces that we've learned to survive all the really hard times this crazy life has brought us with love and laughter; that Life is what you make of it, and if it isn't sweet, ADJUST.
**Post note - I meant "among" other children, "with" sounds like I farm them out, although I am seriously considering offering a certain two year old up for loan as natural birth control to anyone interested because of the tantrums.


  1. I never even "see" my house until I either go away for a long time and then come back with fresh eyes or when someone is filming a commercial in my house and I focus on what "outside" eyes may think. I sure am glad that that doesn't happen very often! The building I am in doesn't matter much to me because as I said I don't even see it. It's more the ideas, relationships and creations that go on in that house. The "feel" of a house is what I know. I get a very good feel from your house, regardless of the cat vomit color (which I didn't see) I felt love and mothering and a family that pulls together and those are lovely colors!

  2. thats great. i love that sign!

  3. Love your home & the observations you make on it. It's definitely the family who lives there that makes it beautiful, though, not the colors on the walls!


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